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Watch this video and more on Weed And Whiskey TV

She Shoulda Said "No!", 1949

Playlist: Propaganda • 1h 9m

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  • The Terrible Truth, 1951

    An anti-drug faux-documentary propaganda film containing messages such as "marijuana has similar properties to amphetamines and the Soviet Union was pushing drugs in America". The film follows William B. McKesson (William B. McKesson) as he interviews a young woman about her use of marijuana as a...

  • Marihuana, 1936

    Teenager Burma (Harley Wood) and her boyfriend, Dick (Hugh McArthur), meet some friends on a beach. But one of their pals brings something that will ruin the lives of all the attendees: marijuana. Clothes are shed, minds are melted and a stoned girl drowns. After helping drug dealer Tony (Paul El...

  • Hemp for Victory, 1942

    An informational film produced to encourage farmers to grow hemp for the war effort during WW2. The film details the many industrial uses of hemp, including cloth and cordage, as well as a detailed history of the plant's use.