Playlist: Propaganda

Playlist: Propaganda

Anti-cannabis propaganda.

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Playlist: Propaganda
  • Reefer Madness, 1936

    High-school principal relates to an audience of parents that marijuana can have devastating effects on teens. In his story, a drug supplier entices several restless teens, including sister and brother Mary (Dorothy Short) and Jimmy Lane (Warren McCollum) and Mary's boyfriend, Bill (Kenneth Craig)...

  • She Shoulda Said "No!", 1949

    A propaganda film about a former dancer, Ann (Lila Leeds), whose life was nearly destroyed by marijuana. Her life unravels after she meets a drug dealer, Markey (Alan Baxter), and has encounters with a law enforcement officer, Captain Haynes (Lyle Talbot).

  • The Terrible Truth, 1951

    An anti-drug faux-documentary propaganda film containing messages such as "marijuana has similar properties to amphetamines and the Soviet Union was pushing drugs in America". The film follows William B. McKesson (William B. McKesson) as he interviews a young woman about her use of marijuana as a...

  • Marihuana, 1936

    Teenager Burma (Harley Wood) and her boyfriend, Dick (Hugh McArthur), meet some friends on a beach. But one of their pals brings something that will ruin the lives of all the attendees: marijuana. Clothes are shed, minds are melted and a stoned girl drowns. After helping drug dealer Tony (Paul El...

  • Hemp for Victory, 1942

    An informational film produced to encourage farmers to grow hemp for the war effort during WW2. The film details the many industrial uses of hemp, including cloth and cordage, as well as a detailed history of the plant's use.

  • Sex Madness, 1938

    The film centers on Paul Lorenz (Charles Olcott), a "concerned citizen" alarmed at the spread of venereal diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhea. However, at a New York City burlesque show, several protagonists, including burlesque dancer Sheila Wayne (Linda Lee Hill), are more intent on engagem...

  • Assassin of Youth, 1937

    Journalist Art Brighton (Arthur Gardner) goes undercover to investigate the granddaughter of a recently deceased rich woman, killed in a drug-related car crash. The girl, Joan Barrie (Luana Walters), will inherit the fortune of her grandmother if she is able to fulfill a morals clause in the will...

  • Sonny Bono's Marijuana, 1968

    A 34-minute anti-drug documentary film by Max Miller, narrated by Sonny Bono. It was described as "the first major film effort to center upon the use and possible risks of marijuana." Music for the documentary was composed by The Byrds' Gene Clark, a "bizarre" choice in his musical career, result...