Hemp for Victory

  • Hemp for Victory Intro

    Meet Robert Head of Hemp for Victory

  • Weed And Whiskey News Episode 15

  • Cannabis Reality: First Responders and Dr Currie Myers

    Welcome to our second episode of Cannabis Reality! In this episode, we dive into the topic of first responders and the impact of cannabis legalization on their jobs. Did you know that veterans make up 6% of the labor force in the United States and three to five times that for first responders? Un...

  • Cannabis Reality w/Shane Pennington: Why is US cannabis research so hard find?

    I am joined today by Shane Pennington. He is an appellate lawyer who focuses on regulatory litigation for clients in a diverse array of industries. He has clerked for federal judges on the D.C. Circuit, the Fifth Circuit, and the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, and he brings spe...

  • Hemp for Victory Podcase - Episode 1

    This is our first episode of Hemp for Victory's podcast. In this episode we discuss "Why are conversations with leaders about cannabis and the positive impact it has on veterans so important?"

    Hemp for Victory's Todd Scattini and Robert Head sits with Mike Bajuz to discuss the importance of ha...

  • Biden's Announcement on Marijuana & How it Affects Veterans

    Hemp for Victory hosted a panel discussion based on President Biden’s recent pardoning of federal convictions for low-level possession and the re-evaluation of the scheduling of marijuana. We will have Subject Matter Experts that understand military administrative processes, and legal experts on ...

  • Hemp for Victory Director Robert Head

    They fought your war, don't deny them their medicine.

  • Andy Melder (Leaves of Passion Ep.1) Half Baked - Bob Saget Scene

    Marijuana is not like the rest of the schedule one drugs. There is no coke movement, there is no crack movement. Cannabis heals. It's not uncommon for Hollywood to make fun of crazy federal laws.

  • Hemp for Victory 1942

    In 1942 the US Government legalized hemp for the war efforts. This movie was made to sell hemp to the public as an essential plant that civilizations have relied on for centuries for textiles. Today, "Hemp for Victory", is on the mission to educate the people on how important this plant is to our...

  • A Broken System

    Shane Pennington explains why research for cannabis is so difficult. The answer may not be what you think it is.

  • Prescription vs. Cannabis: A Veterans Choice

    Hemp for Victory presents Prescriptions vs Cannabis: A Veterans Choice. We are joined by Dr. Phillip Blair and Dr. Corey Burchman to explain what happens in our bodies when we change our medication from pills to cannabis. We will also be joined by two other veterans who have switched from the pre...

  • Leaves of Passion Ep.1 "Illegally Alive"

    Leaves of Passion is a 5 part series about the struggles Texas veterans have accessing marijuana as a replacement for their current VA medication. Episode one discusses our argument for legalizing cannabis, who it is affecting, why is change so hard, and what we can do to help change this. Episod...

  • "Hemp for Victory" Full Speeches

    Had an incredible time at Texas Live talking to West Point and Air Force Academy graduates about the positive things cannabis is doing for veterans' lives in your community.