The SOHiGH Game Show

The SOHiGH Game Show

Contestants get "SO High" and compete in cannabis-centric events -including "Build-A-Bong", "Canna-Q'z", and "Herbs the Word" -for a chance to win $420 and an lb of grass!

The SOHiGH Game Show
  • Sizzle: The SOHiGH Game Show - Season 2

  • The SOHiGH Game Show: S2 E1 - Holy Roller vs Senator Bong Bongson

    This episode features a mother and son battle for the ages. As a former youth pastor "Holy Roller" brings the heat and forces her son to pray for help. An epic showdown, and a great start to a phenomenal season.

  • The SOHiGH Game Show: S2 E2 - Ganjelica Pickles vs Mr. Bogart

    This showcases a father-daughter face-off. Will the red team put Dad in a pickle or will the green side bogart the buzzer and the lead?

  • The SOHiGH Game Show: S2 E3 - Kushy Kaiden vs High Life Russ

    A fun-filled episode with two super chill cheefers. Highlighted by a funnier-than-usual Guru, the crafty Kushy Kaiden pushes High Life Russ to his highest level. Bust out the blunts, bongs, beverages, or whatever gets you high, and enjoy this nail-biter of a cannabis competition that comes down t...

  • The SOHiGH Game Show: S2 E4 - Em Diesel vs Kay Kush

    This episode features two beautiful bud blazers battling for the crown of cannabis queen. Our charismatic host, "Ganja Guru" attempts to balance the energy between a cold & calculated Em Diesel and a fierce & fiery Kay Kush.

  • The SOHiGH Game Show: S2 E5 - Bobby Big Bongs vs Puffin Prostitute

    These two stoners from the streets, put on the most entertaining and comical show of the season, highlighted by a freestyle rap, in-game smoking, and more back-and-forth shit-talking than a political debate. The Guru will have his hands full in this wild episode that deserves your full attention...

  • The SOHiGH Game Show: S2 E6 - Stoner Dev vs Puffin Panda

    An exciting episode from start to finish that features two of the savviest stoners around. This intense and hilarious matchup delivers everything you want in a cannabis game show. A classic back and forth that raises competitive spirits SOHiGH!

  • The SOHiGH Game Show: S2 E7 - Mad Dabber vs Dabber Dan

    This "Dual of Dabbers" contains a double dose of musical talent. A budding rapper and producer that may soon have their own songs in the music category, butt heads in a battle that will prove which musician knows more about cannabis culture.