Texas Hemp Show

Texas Hemp Show

Our full color magazine profiles Texas Hemp News in the Lone Star State. Covering Texas Cannabis & Hemp News
in the Lone Star State . . we report on the hemp industry, from technology, financial, banking, trends and
culture including business opportunities in this space in Texas. We also host the Texas Hemp Show . . .
the official podcast for The Texas Hemp Reporter magazine.

Texas Hemp Show
  • August Texas Hemp Reporter

  • Episode # 137 Smilyn Wellness - CEO Brett Weiss

    Rooted in the realm of hemp-derived products and catering exclusively to health and
    wellness enthusiasts, Brett Weiss, the visionary founder of Smilyn Wellness and Mushroom
    Lyfe, continuously surfs the crest of emerging trends, delivering market-first, exhilarating
    new products. Smilyn Wellnes...

  • Episode # 136 - Hometown Hero Cynthia Cabrera

    Chief strategy officer for Hometown Hero CBD, headquartered in Austin, Texas. Hometown Hero was established in 2015 and has been on a rapid upward trajectory ever since. They have amply demonstrated their ability to innovate, pivot, grow and maintain their customer base. More than that, they have...

  • PODCAST # 135 CannaZip Bags

    Custom Cannabis Packaging Bags • Custom Printed Packaging

    CannaZip bags have been stress tested by BelCosta Labs for excellent thc,
    terpenes and potency preservation. Edibles CannaZip packaging is engineered
    to keep your tasty treats safe, fresh, and delicious!

    Cannabis Flower Bags - All...

  • Texas Hemp Show Podcast # 134 Ricky Williams

    Williams is a medical cannabis advocate. He once stated his "personal goal is to elevate the legitimacy of cannabis as a medicine and the respect of medical professionals for cannabis users.

    Williams has admitted being very shy and was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder, borderline personali...

  • Texas Hemp Show Podcast # 133 ZarWellness

    ZAR Wellness comes on to talk to us about their products, business, and mission statement. ZAR is a veteran owned family brand and we are happy to help so many communities through our storefronts and online store.

  • PODCAST # 131 J-Man _ Weed & Whisky TV

    PODCAST # 131 J Man Weed & Whisky TV talks with Russell and Rachel about the new
    June issue of the Texas Hemp Reporter Magazine, as well as his Gummie Brand "BUCK A BUZZ"

    The Texas Hemp Reporter is excited to report on our partnership this Summer with Jerry Joyner aka “JMan” and our friends a...

  • Episode # 130 Shayda Torabi Restart CBD

    Shayda Torabi
    CEO at RESTART CBD ◦ Texas Cannabis Leader ◦ Host of To Be Blunt: The Podcast for Cannabis Marketers ◦ Cannabis Marketing Expert ◦ Content Creator @TheShaydaTorabi ◦ Public Speaker

    Ilissa Nolan - Government Affairs Consultant at Booth & Associates, P.C
    Executive Director of Th...

  • PODCAST # 129 Cannabis Attorney Lisa Pittman -

    Lisa Pittman gives a brief update in the 1st segment of the show on the little movement in the
    recent 88th Texas Legislative Session regarding cannabis, hemp and cbd.

    Russell & Rachel also talk about the upcoming
    issue of the Texas Hemp Reporter for June & what
    articles the team were working o...

  • Smoke Shop on Wheels # Podcast 127_1

    Head Shop on Wheels is the first of it's kind. Our Mobile trailer is the coolest and most unique trailer...In the Universe!!! Radical Man!!! Everybody from hippies to babies can't stop staring...

    We bring lots of attention anywhere we go! We carry all your head shop needs and so much more... Inf...


    Co-Founder Warren Bunch of Canna Spyglass is our guest on the show this week.
    CannaSpyglass is the most credible source for cannabis market data, providing transparency into an ever-growing market.
    Sign up now! Or Try for Free . . .

    We use them ourselves for professionals in the Cannabis spac...

  • _124_

    This weeks show we discuss with Daulton O'Neill of Green-light Events his upcoming Texas Cannabis Roundup event later this summer.
    Also we talk with Lucas Evans Founder at Evans Earth Endeavors LLC. in Taylor Texas. Lucas is growing hemp and offering consultative services for the industry, also e...

  • Texas Hemp Show Podcast # 123 - Live at JHeart CBD Four-Twenty SHOW

    The Texas Hemp Reporter staff visited with the JHeart CBD Crew this 420 for a live remote broadcast
    that streamed on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

    Great Music These week with the 420 Theme!!
    The Texas Hemp Show is the official podcast for the Texas Hemp Reporter...

  • Podcast122

    Paul Trowe
    The Strongest Legal Edibles, Vapes, and THC Flower Herban Bud manufactures
    edibles, vapes, and flower from hemp-derived THC and cannabinoids. These
    products are federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, and are legal in most states.
    Paul talks with Russell & Rachel about his brand an...

  • Podcast # 121 Chris Duarte _ Texas Blues Legend

    To classify Chris Duarte simply as a Blues Man is an understatement. In his own words, “rockin’ blues” or ”punk blues” describes him best. “Ferocious blues” also fits. Legend has it that Chris will play so hard that his fingers bleed in a set. The legend is true. Photos attest.
    Chris Duarte ...

  • Cheech Marin on The Texas Hemp Show Podcast #55

    #Cheechmarin #texashempshow #cheechsstashcbd
    Richard Anthony "Cheech" Marin is an American activist, actor, musician, art collector, stand-up comedian and writer who gained recognition as part of the comedy act Cheech & Chong during the 1970s and early 1980s with Tommy Chong.

  • Texas Hemp Show Podcast# 73 _ Andrew DeAngelo

    Andrew calls in on the show this week to discuss The Last Prisoner Project and the state of Cannabis in the US. We talk about his contribution to not only cannabis but Culture as we all do our part to support this amazing plant. Show is also available on video on our YouTube channel. Please like ...

  • Episode # 98 Susan Hays Democratic Candidate for Agriculture Commission

  • Episode # 120 Jesse Williams TX Cannaco

    Jesse talks to Russell & Rachel about movement with several Bills at the Capitol this 88th Legislative Session and other news making headlines along with special events in Texas this Spring. Jesse co-hosted the first 55+ shows with Russell on this very podcast. The production has improved over th...

  • Episode # 114 Lisa Sewel - Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy

    Lisa has been a fierce advocate working her now third legislative session
    testifying at the Capitol, working closely with lawmakers to push high standards
    of reform and create a safe and legal market in Texas

  • Podcast # 82 Sky & Hobbs

    Russell speaks with Hunter and Sky of Sky and Hobbs as Hunter's felony charges for possessing LEGAL HEMP
    were dropped this past Friday!! This is an important show for ALL GROWERS to hear, especially in Texas! It is equally a great show for Legislatures & Law Enforcement to also tune into because...

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