iKuztom Motorcycles

iKuztom Motorcycles

13 Episodes

iKuztom accelerates you into the real-life world of custom motorcycle building. It's all smoke, fire, and steel without the drama. Get up close and personal with an elite group of builders on the cutting edge of motorcycle engineering.

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iKuztom Motorcycles
  • AFT
    Episode 1


    Episode 1

    Can hot chicks really make badass bikes? Meet the women that can.

  • Rat Bastards

    Episode 2

    Hang with the guys from Rat Bastard Bikes and see why rat-style bikes are a true work of art.

  • Mad Pitbull Designs

    Episode 3

    Claudiu from Mad Pitbull Designs shows us how to make the meanest bike on the street.

  • Illusion

    Episode 4

    Musician and fifteen year bike building veteran Rusty Coons shows us around his world at Illusion Cycles.

  • Exile

    Episode 5

    Join Russell Mitchell as he builds an Exile Cycle for a member of Queens of the Stone Age.

  • Rucksters

    Episode 6

    Explore the fun and unique world of chopped and customized scooters, called Rucksters.

  • Ace Cafe

    Episode 7

    Mark Wilmore of Ace Cafe gives us a little history on cafe bikes and we go through the process of building one.

  • Road Dog

    Episode 8

    In southern California, the Road Dogs show us around their custom painted masterpiece cycles.

  • Tim Robell

    Episode 9

    Tom Robell uses old world influences and top notch craftsmanship to create quality custom cycles.

  • Atlantis

    Episode 10

    The team at Atlantis Motorsports shows us how they update old bikes while preserving the original character and charm.

  • Eye Candy

    Episode 11

    Ron Roth at Eye Candy Cycle Designs shows us his world of beautiful custom bikes and custom parts.

  • Carlos Brett

    Episode 12

    Artist Carlos Brett uses bikes as canvases to create unique works of art, including his own Mayan inspired cycle.

  • Scarface

    Episode 13

    We take the journey with a first-time builder as he creates his own custom cycle.