• Weed And Whiskey News Episode 69

    On our post-Thanksgiving episode, J-Man brings you a message on the importance of being nice to people. Then, Sarah Kerver, owner of 1937 Apothecary, joins us in studio to discuss how she was integral to the first recordings on Weed and Whiskey TV, her early work being an advocate for CBD as well...

  • Weed And Whiskey News Episode 68

    On today's episode, J-Man brings you two grams on AI and how amazing it is becoming in its ability to help humanity. J-Man is then joined in studio by musician, comedian, and traveling bong salesman Conrad Lenzmeier to discuss his history of performing, why brining a guitar on stage makes him sta...

  • Weed And Whiskey News Episode 67

    We shake things up on today's episode and bring you 3 interviews for the price of one, all thanks to Comedy Fantasy Camp! J-Man first talks with Laura McKenzie, TV personality and Emmy-nominated travel host, about the Hollywood Christmas Parade, her extensive travels for her TV show, and her daug...


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  • Higher Than Space

    1 season

    Fella Beck takes a journey beyond his highest imagination when two extraterrestrial stoners abduct his stash and lead him on a bizarre "trip" through the universe. It's a journey he will never forget...or never remember.

  • The Cannabruhz Sizzle

    We are Corey and Jerell ,The founders of Harvest AF: Financial Consulting & Hosts of the Cannabruhz Podcast.

    We understand the pivotal role each player in the cannabis ecosystem holds, which is why we're here. We're actively seeking to build with forward-thinking entrepreneurs, cultivators, pr...

  • History Written in Stoned

    1 season

    Spark one up and raise a glass on this comic journey through time, from primitive cave-dwellers to the founding fathers, you'll be amazed at what really motivated our world shaping events.

  • The Best Buds Podcast - Welcome to the Family (Episode 1)

    The Best Buds Podcast - Welcome to the Family (Episode 1)
    Welcome to our first podcast episode!

    We are Caprock Family Farms - a Lubbock, TX-based Hemp company. We are family owned and operated - the Gauger family is our first podcast crew. Ann, Keil, Brett, and Zach are featured in this first e...