• Weed And Whiskey News Episode 98 - Lauren Keefer and Barbie Quinn

    On this week's episode, J-Man shines his 420 spotlight on Lauren Keefer, founder of Cakey Bums Athletic Wear. Then, J-Man welcomes Barbie Quinn, host of the She's A Good Girl Podcast, into the studio to discuss her origin story, balancing her roles as a businesswoman and a mother, and announce he...

  • Weed And Whiskey News Episode 97 - Put The "J" Back in Texas

    On this week's episode, J-Man brings you the latest updates on this year's Texas Cannabis Roundup. Then, we welcome back Aaron Owens, founder of Tejas Tonic, to taste test his latest flavors, learn more about how he got into the cannabis beverage space, and find out how he was able to get legenda...

  • Weed And Whiskey News Episode 96 - Sonny Bono's Marijuana

    We bring you another deep cut from the archives this week with a special screening of the propaganda film Marijuana from 1968! It's 34 minute anti-drug documentary filmed by Max Miller and narrated by none other than Sonny Bono. The soundtrack for the film was composed by Gene Clark, founding mem...

  • Make your own sugar, be your own Daddy xx

    You asked and Barbie Quinn answered! In this episode, Barbie Quinn faces the camera - solo - for the very first time! No co-host, no guest, just the mic, camera and your messages! This stripped down episode is full of BQ opinions, advice and wacky stories which the Good Girl gang should expect fr...

  • Citizen Green TV Trailer

    Citizen Green TV, is a ROKU channel, that is broadcast in partnership with Weed & Whiskey TV, to provide Veterans with education and savings for their wellness journey using cannabis, CBD or other alternative healing products. Our mission is to provide insightful content that nourishes the mind,...

  • Random News Network State Of the Union Special EP#9

    A very special episode of The State of the Union Address from a very different stand point. Included in this episode are veterans opinions, Texans opinions and rebuttals to some of the Presidents claims during the address.


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  • Higher Than Space

    1 season

    Fella Beck takes a journey beyond his highest imagination when two extraterrestrial stoners abduct his stash and lead him on a bizarre "trip" through the universe. It's a journey he will never forget...or never remember.

  • History Written in Stoned

    1 season

    Spark one up and raise a glass on this comic journey through time, from primitive cave-dwellers to the founding fathers, you'll be amazed at what really motivated our world shaping events.

  • The Cannabruhz Experience: (Episode 2) Executive Chef Meshelle Collins

    Do you enjoy Food? 🍗 🍖 🥓

    Do you enjoy Cannabis? 🪴 🌱 🌿

    Well, you are in the right place! Tune in to our exclusive episode 2 where we prepare some delicacies that will not only nourish but heal your soul!😋 ❤️

    A massive shoutout to @celebrity_chef_collins for enlightening us on the incredible wor...

  • Texas Eclipse of the Heart

    I did it all for the wookie?! In case you've been living under a rock...the solar eclipse just happened! Barbie Quinn was fortunate enough to have this once in a lifetime event in her backyard of Austin - and not just that, but also attended a MASSIVE festival in celebration. Which then begs the ...

  • SwizZy B & Loud Life Crew Get Good

    A new day has come for the Good Girl Gang! Barbie Quinn is coming out from behind the scenes to share her voice and FACE with the world as we fire up our first YouTube channel. Our new friends and talented artists, Loud Life Crew, offered the perfect way to kick off this new journey when they rol...

  • The Sacramento Stalker

    Good Girls! Major announcement - I think I may have met the boy version of myself! He's funny, he's handsome and also happens to be a witty storyteller and fellow podcaster LOL! For real though...meet Josh Job, the owner and founder of the Austin Fitness Community and someone I am now lucky enoug...